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We are Chandler Dove and Douglas Shultz

We are Two Crypto Dudes

Our Website is free, on our home page you will find the coins we like, how we invest and some of the metrics that we look at.

About us!

Chandler Dove has been investing in crypto currency for well over 6 years. He first got into crypto with Bitcoin, saw the value and invested in Ethereum when it was in the single digit dollars. Tripled down on those investments by moving into currencies such as the Tezos ICO and eventually purchasing Chainlink before its grand ascent. Chandler has a corporate background involving sales, marketing, and leadership. 

Douglas Shultz made his first investment at the age of 15 and has been investing ever since. Currently, Douglas runs Yorkshire Wealth Management as an RIA. He was also elected as the City Treasurer of Escondido where he oversees the investments of 150 million of the city’s funds. Douglas first started mining Bitcoin back in 2014 and has been actively involved in the crypto markets since then.