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Learn Advanced Strategies For Your Crypto Portfolio

Expanding your crypto knowledge-base


Beginner eCourses

Looking to get into Crypto but have no idea where to start? You are in the right place. Chandler and Doug break down what cryptocurrency and blockchain is in a way everyone can understand.


Advanced & Expert eCourses

Know only a little bit about crypto but no idea how to run a portfolio Or how to properly enter the market? Wanting to take your crypto to the next level with staking and yield farming? You are in the right place.



Technical Analysis Course

Learn Technical Analysis and what it means as an investor and trader. We cover concepts such as support and resistance, Fibonacci sequences, trendlines, and charting patterns to more advanced charting techniques such as Elliot wave.

Crypto for Beginners

Our Beginner course will show you the ropes with what cryptocurrency entails and where to get started! It includes:

Resource Guide



What it means for you.


Fundamental Analysis Course

Learn what the Dude’s look for in a coin. Some of the topics we cover:

Market cap, Circulating supply vs price

Purpose of the coin – what to look for

Ecosystem -What’s it tied into?

What People are Saying

Chandler and Doug offer sound advice in a format that is easily digestible.

-Tim Hartman

Entering the crypto market can seem overwhelming but Chandler and Doug’s solid advice and guidance made the process super easy.  Thanks to the Crypto Dudes, I am now investing with confidence in the best companies that crypto has to offer

-Richard Moulton

I look forward to the weekly newsletters, tweets, and videos which keep me informed while on the go!  They keep me up to date with all the latest news and offer sensible advice for my portfolio.

-Adam Turner

In the beginning I had so many questions on how to enter into the market, where to invest, and where to get accurate information.  Chandler and Doug not only pointed me in the right direction, they offered top notch research, and information that helped me establish a solid portfolio

-Elizabeth Dorsey