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While there are better cryptos that are quicker and more advanced, sometimes being the first has its merits. Since its inception, Bitcoin has developed a cult-like following and continues to grow on a consistent basis. Bitcoin has entrenched itself as one of the core components in the crypto community and we believe it will continue to grow over time. We do not think the growth of Bitcoin will be as accelerated as other cryptos, but with the development of the Lightning Network and major publicity from nations making it legal tender, we view Bitcoin as a long-term store of value, and thus far when invested in over time, it has done so.

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Hailed as the world computer, Ethereum has been a dominant force from the start. Vitalik has demonstrated that he is more focused on building an ecosystem and not as concerned about the dollar value of Ethereum itself, which is vital for any type of business to thrive. Ethereum has continually dominated the crypto industry as one of the leaders in revenue generated. Even during the early stages of the bear market, Ethereum continues to be used widely. We believe Ethereum will only continue to expand into the future.

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The core driver behind ChainLink is in the name. ChainLink aims to link various crypto currencies together and provide computations to support advanced smart contracts on any blockchain. Created by Sergey Nazarov, ChainLink’s affiliate group ChainLink Labs is made up of several sophisticated researchers and academic partners. Already, ChainLink has locked up almost 80 billion in oracle protocols and we believe this will only expand as the crypto industry grows.

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If there is one coin that we believe could be used as a global payments system, we think Stellar Lumens could be it. It was developed by one of the founders of Ripple, and Stellar aims to be the open network for moving value. Stellar has significant interest from the likes of Circle, MoneyGram and other major companies. As Stellar gains adoption, we believe it will continue to thrive.

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Similar to Ethereum, Cosmos wants to be a blockchain where apps are interconnected and boast 50 billion in their ecosystem. Unlike Ethereum, Cosmos has lower fees and is completely proof of stake, and can transact in 7 seconds. Despite TerraLuna being a part of the ecosystem and collapsing, causing ripples throughout the crypto market and especially Cosmos, the Cosmos ecosystem has remained strong and we believe it will continue to expand into the future.

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Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent, developed Chia from the ground up to be more eco-friendly and secure. Uniquely driven as a proof of space, Chia claims to be more secure than other cryptos and fixes a lot of common problems for blockchains. Chia is well funded with over 100 million in venture capital and was massively successful when it launched. We believe that as Chia gains traction to be used, it will grow significantly.

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This coin is trying to cement itself as the “go to” for retail, giving retail an easy app to login, store, and view their cryptocurrency holdings. This company is well backed and has made a lot of headway bridging the gap between the crypto community and retail. While they still have a long way to go, we believe this project will be around for the foreseeable future.

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If there is one coin that is hated by most of the crypto community, it’s ZCash. It’s important to know that ZCash is a privacy coin, so unlike Bitcoin and others which are traceable, ZCash can be moved anonymously. We think it could be a major player during the next cycle for a couple reasons. First, Grayscale has been very interested in this coin and has been offering the ZCash Trust product. By doing so they have been slowly accumulating ZCash and believe it’s going to play a major role in privacy this upcoming cycle. The second reason is along the same lines: if ZCash becomes integrated with a major coin that utilizes their privacy features, it could really send ZCash a lot higher.

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Matic has solidified itself as one of the dominant layer 2’s on Ethereum. A lot of applications have been built on the Matic platform and they continue to expand. Matic has a lot of competition in the likes of Arbitrum and others; however, Matic has shown the strength of its continual low cost transaction model as gas fees on Arbitrum have actually exceeded gas fees on Ethereum’s network in certain instances as things slow down. While there are certainly other reasons to like Matic, we think Matic will be around to compliment Ethereum in the future.

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Binance Coin continues to dominate the marketplace under one of the largest exchanges in the world. With low cost transaction fees and backed by one of the largest crypto conglomerates in the world, this is a must-own coin for us if you want exposure in the crypto world.

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It wasn't until mid-2022 that The Graph started making money consistently. As the crypto market picks up steam again, this protocol could really start bringing in revenue and make it viable. Already, major players like Uniswap, Decentraland, Polygon, etc. are using it to ensure that their protocols are properly indexed. As the crypto space grows, we believe that The Graph will be poised to reap the benefits.

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What started as a pure meme coin has morphed into something more. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen. The utility of Doge itself is questionable since it’s a direct copy of Bitcoin. However, players like Elon Musk have gotten involved, giving it validity. If this validity continues to hold and he pushes Doge to be offered for more services, it’s very likely that Doge will be around in the future. As such, it’s very possible that Doge will have another run up if we go into another bull market, but this remains to be seen.