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Crypto Growth Lab

Frameworks for sustained portfolio growth

Crypto Growth Lab

Looking to take the next step in portfolio building and construction? You have come to the right place.

Own the Future

Start building your cryptocurrency portfolio today. Don’t waste another second. We’re here to help you experience the joy of being a part of the next major change in the global financial landscape.

Featured Crytpo GrowthLab Frameworks

Sentiments & Commentary

Worried where the market is going or how the sentiment is on the market? Get updated twice a week and when the market moves to know exactly how the Dude’s feel about it!

Dynamic Ladder Strategy

Dynamic Ladder Framework

Worried about how to enter the Market? The Dynamic ladder strategy presents a unique way for entering the market. Let the market do the work for you so you don’t have to.


Get information you can count on, weekly. You will get Chandler and Doug’s overall take and unique perspective on the market each week so you can make the best decisions for your portfolio and how it’s constructed.

Build & Manage A Crypto Portfolio That Will Consistently Earn Over The Long-Term

+2,155% on Binance Coin!*

Chandler’s Pick

If you invest like Chandler you are going to have fewer coins in your portfolio with larger market caps. This one is his best performer at the moment!

+1,801% on VeChain!*

Doug’s Pick

If you invest like Doug you are going to have a very diversified portfolio with lots of coins, including a lot of long shots. This one is his best performer at the moment!

Who Are The Crypto Dude’s?

Chandler Dove & Douglas Shultz

Chandler and Doug have been investing in the crypto market’s for well over 12+ years. Doug started mining Bitcoin back in 2013 and one of Chandler’s earliest investment’s was in Ethereum at $7.

What People are Saying

Chandler and Doug offer sound advice in a format that is easily digestible.

-Tim Hartman

Entering the crypto market can seem overwhelming but Chandler and Doug’s solid advice and guidance made the process super easy.  Thanks to the Crypto Dudes, I am now investing with confidence in the best companies that crypto has to offer

-Richard Moulton

I look forward to the weekly newsletters, tweets, and videos which keep me informed while on the go!  They keep me up to date with all the latest news and offer sensible advice for my portfolio.

-Adam Turner

In the beginning I had so many questions on how to enter into the market, where to invest, and where to get accurate information.  Chandler and Doug not only pointed me in the right direction, they offered top notch research, and information that helped me establish a solid portfolio

-Elizabeth Dorsey